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Webdesign & Content Creation

based in the Netherlands

How can we help you?

Online presence is the most important source to get new leads. Every business, freelancer or organisation needs a custom website and social media content.
But how can you achieve this at the best cost and effort?

That’s where Hold Back The Wolves comes in.
We help you with creating a unique footprint for your products or service.

Meet the pack

Nirman Wolf

Project Manager
Web designer

Tijmen Wolf

Visual & Web designer


The next step is to talk about your needs, what are you looking for?
A new website, redesign or just starting out?

We can advise, design and create your content for the best tailored online presence.

Content creation

We can provide you with photo and video content to get your story out there.

Our speciality is in the field of portraits, food & restaurants, people at work and gardens.

However, we don’t shy away from any new endeavours.

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